La Storia - Ristorante Alexander Trasformazione


Nestled in the heart of the historic centre and embraced by the ancient walls of Ravenna, the Alexander restaurant boasts a fascinating history.

First a church in the 15th century, then a residence, then a trattoria and finally a cinema until 2002 when it changed its destiny four years later, being reborn as a restaurant in 2006.

This unique place, witness to change and evolution, continues to tell stories no longer through films but through unforgettable culinary experiences, keeping its original spirit alive in a new and fascinating context.

La Storia - Ristorante Alexander Trasformazione


The renovation project is in continuity with the building’s past and the restaurant, with its authentic Art Nouveau style, retains the charm of its history.

The atmosphere is as sophisticated as that of an old black-and-white film, but at the same time as cosy, creative and warm as a restaurant in contemporary New York.

Whether you want a romantic dinner or a more lively atmosphere, Restaurant Alexander offers a versatile and charming ambience for every occasion.

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